YTP of The Sleepover


Peppa and her friends are at Zoe Zebra's House.

Zoe: The Weegee's do get a little bit quirky at night. If they see you they might Weegee Virus your face.

Weegee peaks in the room.

A door with a small window and mail slot slams shut.

Suzy has a remote for closing the door.

Suzy: Someone had to do it.

Weegee: Open the door! (walks off)

Peppa: What do we do now?

Suzy: At sleepovers, there's always a midnight feast!

Zoe: No!

A Weegee peaks through the window.

Peppa: It looks angry.

Zoe: Or hungry.

George pops out of Peppa's sleeping bag.

Peppa: I'm going to give, Mr. dinosaur.

George: No!


George: Why?!?!!?!?!?

Peppa puts Mr. Dinosaur through the slot.

Weegee puts it back through.

Peppa: I got her!

Weegee: (starts breaking the window) Here's, Weegee!

Zoe: It's trying to come in through the glass! SHOOT HER!

Peppa: (has gun) SHOOT, HER! (starts shooting)

Weegee: (backs out of window)

The screen shows the clock change to 6:00.

Peppa: Hooray!

Credits (show's in YTP)

When someone yells "No!", wherever that populer YTP sound effect comes from

Clock changing to 6:00, and " The animatronic characters do get a litle bit quirky at night. They might try to-" from FNaF

"SACRIFICES MUST BE MADE!", some SkyDoesMinecraft Animated Short

"It's trying to come in through the glass!" and "SHOOT HER!" are from Jurassic Park.

"It looks angry!" "Or Hungry." from Alvin and the Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked

"Open the dang Door Peter!" from The Good Old days animated FNaF short

"Someone had to do it." from The Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of Water

"Why would you do that?" Bravest Warriors

Weegee sound effect

"Here's Johnny!" The Shining

And other sounds.

The End