YTP of Captain Daddy Pig.


Words on screen say: Warning! This YTP may contain Racism towards German People because they will be fighting Nazis and will have WW2 content! Viewer Discretion is Advised!

Grandpa Pig: Remember, the Nazi is the enemy. GO AND KILL!

Daddy Pig: Simple.

Grandpa Pig: And please look after my boat! I just had it mended!

Granny Pig: Oh Grandpa Pig! BOO,YOU STINK!

Peppa and George: HA HAW!

Daddy Pig: Let's go!

They sail off.

Peppa, George, and Daddy Pig are in the kitchen.

Daddy Pig: The obvious place would be here! (opens up cabinet)

Spagetti pops out of the cabinet.

Peppa: That's not a sniper.

Daddy Pig: (opens up another)

Morshu pops out.

Peppa: And that's not a sniper!

Daddy Pig: This kitchen has everything in the wrong place! (opens up cabinet)

A Weegee falls out.

Peppa: Wow! A Weegee!

Daddy Pig: This is madness!

Peppa: THIS, IS, World War 2. (opens up cabinet)

Rifles fall out.

Peppa and her family are on the boat eating a picnic.

A Nazi Boat shows up behind them. (the ducks are replaced by the boat)

Peppa: Shoot her!

Peppa and George have guns in hand and are shooting at the boat. (the bread is representing bullets)

The boat explodes from gunfire.

Peppa and George: Hooray!

Mummy Pig: Look out! Enemy Ships Ahead!

Daddy Pig: Turn! Turn!

They are facing the opposite direction. Planes are flying around the boat.

Peppa: Get out of there!

George is on the mast. (Edited there. The camera is zoomed in on him)

George: You want bombs? (throws bomb)

Shows planes exploding.

Peppa and George: Hooray!

Peppa: Look over here! (whips out paper)

Daddy Pig: The Nazi secret.

The boat arrives at the dock.

Grandpa Pig: How many are there?

Daddy Pig: Over 9,000!

Grandpa Pig: What about my boat?

Shows broken boat with Pig family on it.

Grandpa Pig: Oh my Goodness!

Granny Pig: Daddy Pig!

The End