(This is styled like the YTP The king gets a car, where pictures of the characters move around a scene.)

Shows George in James Bond Gunbarrel.

George: (climbs through the vents) I can smell you. (jumps into room)

Turns out George accidently went into the school vents, in the wrong building. Even worse, in the girls locker room.

George: What are you doing here, at night? (see's add for foot ball game) Cheerleaders. At night.

Cheerleaders: AHHHH!

George: Sorry! Excuse me! (runs out of school and into museum)

Link: (holds up shot gun)

George: (slo mo karate kicks Link to the floor)

Link: (unconscious)

George: (grabs diamond off stand)

The alarm goes off.

George: Oh. (runs out of building)

Now George is running into the woods from the angry girls and the S.W.A.T.

George: (heavy breathing) I think I lost them.

The End