Elory and Ben are at the fair.

Elory: *points at the waltzers* Hey! I wanna go on that!

Ben: Are you sure Elory? (gulp) If you get on, I'll have to get on too. That ride spins.

Elory: You'll be fine.

(they run to the waltzers)

Dude: Just in time. It's about to start.

Elory and Ben: *gets in waltzers carrage number 7*

Ben: *shivers* I may be sick...

Elory: Hmm... better move away. *shuffles away from ben a few centermetres*

Ben: Maybe I'll just get off...

Dude: HOLD TIGHT! *starts ride*

Ben: Oh no.

Elory: WOOOOO!

(ride goes faster)

Elory: OH YEAH! *puts paws in the air like she don't care*


Dude: *spins their carrage*

Ben: *vomits*

Elory: YEAH MAN!

*ride stops after 2 mins*

(they get off the ride)