NLT is a television station formed in 1959.

Notable news report

Constantine Coburg:  It's 8:46 a.m...wait! What in the world is that airplane doing to the World Trade Center? Oh my god I'm in that building and the plane crashed. I have to get out of there now! 

James Kingson: Constantine, do you here me?


Constantine: Yea and I'm running downstairs to outside of the building and into the studio. 

James: I hope you don't die.

Constantine: Don't worry I'm on the fourth floor right now and I'll be fine.

James: Wish you luck.

Constantine: You too!


James: Are you dead?

Constantine: Nope and I just got into this studio.

James: Really? I don't see yo-

Constantine: I'm alive.

James: It's good to reunite. Isn't it?

Constantine: Yeah.