Littlebat10-A, Littlebat10-B, Littlebat10-C, and Littlebat10-D are characters based off of the user Littlebat10. They are good guys, but in their original character designs, TUFF agents considered the the most evil demons ever.

Littlebat10 P. Sparkles
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 28
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight 101+


The Littlebat souls were made to be the heir to Hell's throne as Satan's other heirs weren't suitable enough. So he started the Littlebat experiments. Many souls were made, but the last and final soul, Littlebat10's soul, was the most powerful, in fact, more powerful than anything in any multiverse. But the souls broke out, as Littlebat10's souls was too powerful to be contained anymore. It broke out with Littlebat9 (Fanboy), 8 (Chum Chum), and 7 (Tigger). The other souls, Littlebat6, 5, 4, 3, 2,1, and the only female soul in the entire experiment, 0, remained in Hell until years later. In the meantime, Littlebat10, 9, 8, and 7, were living in the Overworld and soon met up with Sonic and his friends. Sonic then found out Littlebat10's evil origins, and decided to test the power of the Littlebat souls. After many attempts to test the power of Littlebat10 and his brothers, he gave up and went off to fight Eggman and Robbie Rotten, who had teamed up and made a group of villains. But now with Sonic and his friends working along with Sportacus, they didn't stand a chance. But several years later, Littlebat10 had convinced Satan to free the other Littlebats and let Littlebat10 be the new Devil. A few days later, Littlebat10 used his all seeing powers to sense that Eggman and Robbie Rotten were in trouble. Littlebat10 sped over, and saw the two were about to be arrested, so he knocked out all the robots and sped off heroically. A few years later, Eggman and Robbie Rotten had a group of villians assembled, but needed a strong leader. Then they remembered Littlebat10, and sent him a letter. Littlebat10's family moved over there right away and Littlebat10 became the new leader of the villain league he named Randomness. And from then on, Littlebat10 was using his villain league to fight Sonic and his friends.


Infinite Speed, Strength, and Intellect.


Time Travel.

Doesn't have to blink, breath, or use the bathroom.

Sees all.

Inter Dimensional Travel.

Immune to Trank Guns, drowning, suffocation, lava, acid, flames, and many more.

Force Fields.

Extreme Durability.


Can change gender and age with ease.

And Many More.