Part 1:

A dog game I made up. Create your dog, by breed, accessories, special qualities, give it a name and gender, and you have a dog! Then, you get to create an owner. Write your first name, then press ok. Then it will say 'Do you have a middle name?'. Press yes if you do, then type your middle name. If you don't, press no. After you type your middle name or press no, it will ask for your last name. Type your last name, then press ok. It will then ask for your age. This game excepts any age. Then, make a cartoon of yourself! (it'll tell you how)You can now choose your dog from the menu, and can save 5 accounts at a time. Let's play!

Part 2:

Press Level 1 and then start playing. Left arrow key = left. Right arrow key = right. Up arrow key = jump. Find more combinations, you can even fly! You run through a forest for the first five levels, and climb and swing and run and jump and fly and even more while you are playing! Your dog will run, and the cartoon of you will appear on the top of the screen. Finish some levels to get a shop!

Part 3:

When you get to Level 5, you unlock the shop! You can buy accessories and other stuff for you're dog, and you even get a house to look after your dog at.

TO BE ADDED (by Piggabubblyboo456)